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 Jul 19, 2009 - 10:38 am

Title: Mercy Mercy!!

Blowing dust off my space ship and looking at the old and outdated flight plans.

"Wow!! it's been soooooo long!"

Slightly out of practice, PhirePhly sticks her foot up on the ladder and heaves herself up onto the old ship.  

"AcK!! this is disgusting! dust.....cobwebs.....mercy! it HAS been a long time."

Flicking a switch, the instrument flashes hesitantly, as if low on electrical energy but PP thumps the green button hard with her fist and a surge of backup energy flows through the wires and the monitor springs to life.

Ignoring the dust, she settles herself down into her old captain's chair and commences to scroll through the current universal data.

"Nice........oh yea, I like that one...

hmmm........he is still here....interesting....."

A small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth as she continues to review some of the captains that still seem to be terrorizing the galaxy.

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 Jan 3, 2009 - 9:19 am

Title: tsk tsk........

.....seems I can not stay away forever. LOL

Seeing the reset actually happen, I could not resist any longer and decided to play for awhile again.

I still haven't taken the time to read all the new changes or familiarize myself with all these wicked probs I have been reading about *shuddering* my first planet going not too long after joining and though I have little hope that it will last very long it brought back a lot of fun and endearing memories LOL

 Oct 19, 2008 - 8:02 am

Title: OMG!!!

I leave and PJ takes it upon himself to move the furniture!!!!!!  

Not sure how long I sat here trying to find the buttons I was looking for LOL............AND YES!! go ahead and say it!! it is just ME! ~~

This is nice.  Different.

Oh dang!! where's my little spaceship thingie that I play with while I am bored?? Hmmmm.........


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 Jun 26, 2008 - 7:07 pm

Title: PJ's BIRTHDAY??!!


PJ, ya gotta stop with this nonsense cuz with each of yours I see another one of mine around the corner......*shuddering* birthday song to PJ...........

*clearing throat*

"Sixteen ton..............and what do ya get?

Another day older..........

And deeper in debt........"

Oh wait............wrong song just right theme...hehehe

Hope it was a grand one old man {{{{hugs}}}}

 Jun 3, 2008 - 10:40 pm

Title: Roleplay anyone?

Well, missed your snarling faces too much so I am back........sorta.  I have started a roleplay thread to celebrate PJ getting into his new RL house and for those that are on teams, you should have gotten an invite tonight.  I am still trying to get all the individual ones pm'd yet.  AND! for those that are not actually playing the game currently, you are welcome to join the roleplay too if you desire.


Transmission from the Castle of Emperor Peaja'y, Sector 1, Sol

You are graciously invited to attend a commemorative ball to help celebrate the finish of his Lordship's fine castle.  This shall be a formal event and weapons are to be left with the doorman for everyone's protection.

((Roleplay to start in the AATrade forum. Please define your race/species and come join us for a bit of fun and games   ))

 Apr 25, 2008 - 7:56 am

Title: Touch of paint 2

Iridaceae (oil)

Morning Kiss (watercolor)

Sunporch (watercolor)

Springbreeze (watercolor)

 Apr 19, 2008 - 5:14 pm

Title: A touch of paint

Now that I am lucky enough to have my own webspace, I can share these.  

Caught Nappin' (watercolor)

The Guardian (watercolor)

Win, Place and Show (watercolor)

Music for the Lighthearted (watercolor)
(note: sheet music is Hey Diddle Diddle

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 Apr 12, 2008 - 9:35 pm

Title: Chapter 11 ~Age of Ebonyshade~


Raindrops pattered against the pavement, making the alleyway almost echo in their constant rhythm, the alley's surface, though still littered with trash and debris, glistened from the wetness.  I turned my head and glanced behind me for the second time, pausing in my stride, and this time I was sure I heard it, a second set of footsteps matching mine yet a distance back. The steps paused also yet my eyes could not make any form, the shadows and rain distorting and limiting any clear vision.

I pulled my blade slowly from the strap around my thigh and kept it carefully concealed, my fingers gripping the hilt tightly as my heart's pulsing beat filled my ears.  

"Lady Churel....." the voice drawled behind me, startling me and I whipped around only to have his fingers grip my throat with one hand while his other grabbed my wrist holding the blade, forcing me back against the brick wall, his face leering as he loomed near enough I could smell the garlic on his breath. "........or shall I call you PhirePhly?"

"I....*gasping softly*....don't understand what you mean?"  

"Don't play coy.  We know he implanted a chip enabling memory recall and you now know your past and what you were in the previous lives.  How do you think we located you?"  He then chuckled at the wide-eyed stare his last comment brought to my face and I struggled against his grip.  My weapon thrust forward only to be almost released from my grip as he wrenched my wrist and then slammed it against the brick wall above my head.  His eyes blazing, "After the loss of the key, do you really think you are of any consequence to him?"  

He didn't wait for an answer but instead twisted my wrist until the blade clattered to the pavement, my breath heaving within my chest, my lungs burning from the lack of fresh air as his hand continued to hold me fast around the throat.  My mind screamed, yet I could sense the foreboding of doom.  

"Bring her, Draco" the second man, the owner of the footsteps, stepped into view beneath the fragmented light of the shadowed alley, his order stern, barely looked in my direction as he moved on down the alley a bit further and then disappeared into an alcove doorway.  

"Not much value without your protector are you.  No value...........and no time left."  Yanking me with him, the massive man stilled my attempts to free myself with little difficulty as I gasped the fresh air into my lungs and stumbled along through the doorway.


The following day the maid entered the hotel room, finding the bed unslept in, the monitor flashing the day's news............

Apr 12, 2008 - 7:07pm

Churel was killed in ship to ship combat with Agent 47 today. The captain apparently forgot to equip the ship with an escape pod.

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 Apr 10, 2008 - 9:07 am

Title: Chapter 10 ~Ebonyshade~

He strummed his fingers impatiently upon the table as he sat in a rear booth in the tavern, his eyes scanning the crowd that frequented Sol's night spot.  There was no more discreet place to meet for the exchange of information then here for no one paid attention to the clientel unless a fight broke out which the bouncers quickly put a deathly end to.

Nemo stroked his beard, his eyes narrowing as he thought about his buyer.  There was always a buyer, someone that would pay good money for the secrets that he gathered or if he was even luckier, the money he would receive to convienently forget what he knew.  This time the buyer took the bait quickly and as normal, he asked little questions as to the reasons or the consequences his information might cause. He took delight when his underground message had been instantly acknowledged and the buyer agreed to meet.

NEMO 04/08/2008 20:19
Churel has a Fun head-bash sector if anyone is interested in a challenge...

Draining the last of his whiskey from the glass, he started to rise, thinking that the buyer had changed his mind, when he felt a large powerful hand clamp down on his shoulder, stilling his action and he resumed his seat as another slipped into the booth beside him.


The air raid came in unexpectedly, the alarms sounding and the citizens of the colony running for cover within the deep tunnels of the building complex.  I threw on my flightsuit and as I exited my chambers, three guards met me, filling me in on the details. My eyes grew wide in shock when the details of the first colony's destruction was disclosed.

"M'lady, we are not equipped to handle this onslaught of battle.  I fear that it would be better if you boarded a ship and allowed a few trusted officers to escort you to a safer zone. If we are lucky, our borders will hold and we will be able to rebuild.  But to lose our leader would cause all to lose faith."

My eyes met my most trusted officer's and I could tell he would not be accepting anything but my agreement in the matter.  Sadly I nodded and we quickly moved toward the deck.  The small razorback, though new and of fine workmanship, was still no match to a warship.  I boarded quietly, giving a few last instructions just as the door squeezed shut, blocking any further view of my home.  Taking a seat and clipping the flight harness into place, my mind raced as to why such an attack would be happening. This empire was a peaceful one, the citizen's finding solitude in their quiet existence.

The ship burst forth from the atmosphere only to instantly shutter, the impact staling the engines and screams of pain could be heard from the cockpit.  I knew.........I didn't have to be told.......death was soon to come to all.  Flipping the strappings from myself, I raced up the aisle and opened the door securing the cockpit only to be met by flames and a rush of air. My eyes, dazed and full of hatred, gazed out at the huge warship that loomed within view.  Reaching my hand forward to Lt Peir only to have his head fell back limply, eyes wide in the stare of death, I pulled it back, crimson warmth dripping from my fingertips. I knew the drill and I quickly stepped into the escape pod and pushed the button.  A swoosh sending me cloaked and out of range to safety even if for only a brief reprieve.

Apr 9, 2008 - 9:35am
L'ombre attacked 1 planet owned by Churel and defeated the planetary defense forces!
L'ombre attacked 8 planets owned by Churel and defeated the planetary defense forces!
L'ombre attacked 2 planets owned by Churel and defeated the planetary defense forces!
L'ombre attacked 12 planets owned by Churel and defeated the planetary defense forces!
L'ombre attacked 7 planets owned by Churel and defeated the planetary defense forces!

My mind raced as to why..........why would this massacre happen? But my thoughts were quickly interrupted when I realized that my pod had faltered and I was floating in the darkness of real space with no engines.  

"Think fast! If I am caught here all will be lost" muttering outloud to myself as I grabbed the manual controls of the small pioneer ship.  The credits of the empire were accessible via the intergalatic bank so I quickly poked in the code to retrieve what was needed to secure repairs and with a bit of luck, try to salvage at least my primary ship back at the colony.

The light on the panel blinked green, 'Funds Secured....Transferring Now...' was flashing and a sigh of relief escaped me, my face stern and emotionless, as I pushed the control lever forward and moved as quietly as possible to the next port and then next, keeping a watchful eye on the space around the exterior, awaiting a dark shadow of doom to be looming near at any moment.

The plumes of destruction filled the air.  The landscape changed and I realized I was looking at now empty space where there used to be productivity.  The small pioneer moved slowly, the drawl of the engine drowning out the sounds of my outcries of sadness.  Pushing the data panel, it showed that the cargo was stored on planet 25, still safe even if any damage was unknown.  The map of the region displaying on the panel and I again moved as quietly as possible through the corridors of linking space.

"There! The planet is still intact!!"  my words echoing hollowly inside the small cabin. Finding the landing field, the pio shuttered to a halt, the hatch flipping open and I jumped quickly from it's safety and ran toward the cargo ship.  It was the sudden impact of my body meeting the hard cold surface of the ground that changed my focus, my hands and knees screaming out pain as I looked around to see what had caused my fall.  His hands reached out, grabbing at me, and my legs kicked viciously against his grasps.  The enemy officer was wounded but still had strength as his fingers scrapped against my skin, ripping my flightsuit as I tore myself from his grip.  Scrambling, my feet desperately trying to regain their footing, I pulled the blade from my belt and with a vicious sweep, his scream was heard as it made a deep severing of his arm, his fingers growing limp, releasing their hold upon me.

Running, the distance to the cargo vaporized and as I reached the ship, it did not take long for me to board the familiar mass of steel and secure myself in the captain's chair. The hum of her engines was a welcome relief as she burst forth from the landing deck. My fingers absently reached for the gold chain that held the key the agent had given me so many moons ago, only to come up empty. Panic caused my fingers to claw at my neck, now bare, my eyes staring out the ships window at the bodies that lay on the deck as it faded in the distance.  The lost......maybe forever.  The power that it held may never be known but for now survival could be the only thought.

Arriving safely in Sol, I secured a parking bay for the cargo and found a quiet hotel room in a secluded area.  As I pulled up the galaxy news I collapsed in the leather chair, stunned.  The rest of the empire destroyed.  I burst into tears, the faces of my many friends and neighbors flashing across my memory, and I sat silently as the stream of hot salty tears clouded my eyes and found their path down my cheeks to drip off into nothingness.

Apr 10, 2008 - 5:37am
Daerdnav attacked 20 planets owned by Churel and defeated the planetary defense forces!

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 Apr 8, 2008 - 7:42 am

Title: Chapter 9 ~Ebonyshade~

Lt. Medyll growled silently, the hatred taking control of his body as he stood looking down at the blankly staring eyes of Zelac as her still body lay at his feet, a crimson puddle forming beneath her.

"A waste of beautiful womanly lifeform."  his statement flat as he turned to his comrade.

Duke shook his head with an almost sinister smile lighting his face, "Seemed a shame to interrupt when you seemed to be enjoying her attentions." But he quickly cut off his teasing when he saw the dark frown cross the face of his commander.

"Next time we are in Sol, I think I shall pick your wench for you." Medyll could not help but chuckle at the physical gulp the comment created before he slapped Duke on the shoulder. "But for now, let's find a ship that we can repair quickly, gather what supplies can be salvaged and get out of here before someone comes looking for her."

The men grabbed loose weapons, now useless to the previous bearers and took off in a sprint through the corridor toward the fight decks. As Duke fumbled with the landing gear of one ship, it's exterior battered and charred but seemingly sound, working quickly to get it jacked up to make the needed repairs, Medyll flipped buttons of the transmitter.  The squall and static making him want to shove his fist through the dash but keeping his composure he pulled the cover off the panel and nibbly his fingers readjusted the wiring.

"The boss ain't gonna like hearin' the Coalition is aware of the key and looking for that girl."  

Medyll's hand paused as he heard Duke's comment, knowing too well the danger this could create for him and his team, aware that his mission would be to locate the girl again and assure her safety.  He had been forbidden to make direct contact or let her know his presence, he was only to keep her safe until she discovered the power of the key.  But if the Coalition was now aware that she held it, that the Prophecy was in motion, that the keeper of the key was actively building an empire in the universe, they would do whatever necessary to stop her.  Their agents being sly and sneaky, not above stealing confidential data to further their cause.  The girls life and safety is now at risk and he must hurry to let his Commander know as quickly as possible.

In frustration, his fist banged the panel back into place and the transmitter stuttered and then a clear ban of airwaves could be heard.  Sighing with relief, Medyll leaned out of the cockpit and smiled down at Duke.  

"Get this bucket of bolts flight worthy and then we are out of here!! Transmitter is now online and I will send our location to headquarters."

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 Apr 6, 2008 - 12:16 pm

Title: Chapter 8 ~Ebonyshade

The screams of the vulnerable, weaker masses of colonies filled the transmissions, cries  of death and pain being heard across the airwaves on a daily basis now.  It had become such a daily occurance that I had taken to keeping the volumn of the monitors turned off most of my day, my sense of sanity not withstanding the agonizing cries for help and salvation. A darkness had blanketed the universe.  No one was safe, no one ventured out at night, or frequented the trading posts for long.  Rumor said that many had felt the dark shadow creep across the landscape around them right before death struck swiftly.

Tyrany and oppression ruled this age, the 'horses from hell' riding rampant upon the universe.  Sadly I almost wished I had not survived my life-pod and found this age.

Shuffling through the days reports from within the realm, again my eyes welled with tears as I see another day full of slaughter reports.  Will the end to this madness ever find us....give us relief?

My head shakes sadly as I toss the reports aside,  the breeze from the window catching them and they flutter across the floor of my chambers.


2   12,261,673   The First Horseman **  Riders of the Apocalypse Evil
17    2,116,248   Lithinar **   The Great Empire Good

Apr 6, 2008 - 11:04am
The First Horseman attacked 1 planet owned by Lithinar and defeated the planetary defense forces!

Apr 6, 2008 - 11:56am
The First Horseman attacked 7 planets owned by Lithinar and defeated the planetary defense forces!

The transmission boomed across the room and I sat and stared, a growing determination finding seed within me.

The First Horseman 04/06/2008 14:48
For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?  

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 Apr 5, 2008 - 3:11 pm

Title: Chapter 7 ~Age of Ebonyshade~

The storm rumbled on the horizon and I paused hesitantly to listen, assuring myself it was nature and not battle that caused the low-rolling growl.  As a streak of lightning bolted toward the ground in the distance, a sigh of relief escaped me. Though the storm was going to cause a further delay in the development of this new region, it was still a welcome relief to know that the raging wars of the universe had not traveled this direction yet.

Gathering up my equipment and waving to the crew that was working on down the line, I tossed my gear into my backpack and threw it over my shoulder, the weight abrupt but I quickly adjusted my balance to compensate and started the trek toward the ship.  As I walked along deep in thought, the news of the last few days from the outer realms of the universe filled my mind.  Battle after battle had been posted, some almost blatant assaults against the well-being and peace of many colonies.  It was becoming clear that the Coalition of the Chosen, as they were being called by our Alliance, was not only becoming stronger but their power was now being used not only to protect their empires but had developed a smack of evil to it as they seemed to send more and more ships further out into the arms of the realm and attacking smaller and more lesser-developed clusters.  Many a captain had awakened to the scream of the air-assault alarms because they were under attack.  Some perished while others found the place they called home nothing more then shambles of dead bodies and twisted metal, columns of smoke filling the atmosphere and clouding the air.

Word had been sent by courier from the Agent that his second in command, a Lt Medyll had barely escaped with his life.  The report did not disclose all the details but I could read into the coded message that he had undergone not only physical loss of his base but some personal invasions that had left him requiring some mental and physical attentions by physicians.  The Agent never signed his name but I knew who these delivered messages were from, his face above me as he had gripped the chain holding the key burned forever into my memory, the scrawling handwriting now having become familiar.

At first I had fought and resisted the idea of his control over me. Almost like a Wizard behind a curtain, he seemed able to pull the levers and push the buttons of my life but as time had passed, I found that his control almost became appealing. The key dangled upon my chest. Still I was unsure of it's power or what it protected but for now I was content to protect it, shield it from intruders, protect it with my life it need be.  He had been correct in his assessment of who I was and where I needed to go in this new age.  When the time comes to use the key, I will know......

 Mar 29, 2008 - 3:08 pm

Title: Chapter 6

His arms ached from the weight of his body pulling downward, the bindings around his wrists taunt and cutting into his flesh causing an trickle of blood to ooz down his forearm.  Eyelids heavy as consciousness just started to uncloud his mind, the pain of his beaten body starting to scream out, he forced his feet downward and groaned as the cold of the stone floor beneath the soles of his feet provided much needed relief from the pressure on his arms.

The area around him was quiet except for sound of splashing water from broken pipes somewhere that echoed hollowly as if from inside a cavern.  Forcing his eyes open, he realized that his base had been attacked, mangled metal and dead bodies of crew lay strewn around like lego toys forgotten by a destructive toddler. The shambles that lay before him making him scream out in anger and pain, fighting against the leather strappings that kept him prisoner.

Dressed in total black leather, fitted like skin to her feminine form, Zelac walked around him, startling him with her presence. "Soooooo........" she purred..."you have decided to awake. I had hoped so before I had to depart but the guards were a bit rougher on you then I had hoped and I wasn't sure how strong your will to live might be."

Zelac took a step closer, her long painted nails stroking his bare chest down its length, pausing ever so slightly as they caused an intake of his breath. Leaning near, the warmth of her breath caressing his cheek, she whispered in his ear, "Where's the key, Medyll?? Come on love, don't make me force you to tell me....." her voice satiny smooth as her hands wandered across his body.  She laughed slightly as she could feel his body react to her even against his will, but she buried her nails into one of his open wounds causing a scream of pain from him before she continued. "Your choice, Medyll.....pain or pleasure but either way I WILL learn who is the holder of the key!!"

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 Mar 28, 2008 - 6:49 am

Title: Whew!!

One down and ??? to go.......

It does seem that recently there has been alot of additional things added to my RL plate that has taken me away from the game I love and the players I consider the closest of friends.  So for now I am the 'non-intense' player that just piddles around the universe..hehehe.

One of these added issues is now a past fret since filing for elections ended on Tuesday and I had no one file against me.   This assures me that I do not have to spend time and/or funds on campaigning. WOOOT!! Maybe they knew after 16 years in office it would take too long for me to clean out my desk

I am awaiting confirmation that I have been accepted to take my Master Guardian test.  If approved I will cram for this exam and take it the third week of April. It is really hard and lots of ppl that take it do not pass so I feel rather unsure of myself but my husband has encouraged me to at least attempt it, that I owe that much to myself.

Stepping up into my State Association's president's position also occurs in April.  This is exciting but will also require alot of time and being ALOT more political!! hehehe

My primary reason for posting this 'personal' update is so those of you I have played AAT alongside for........what? 4-5 years now?? sheesh......won't think I am mad or have abandoned you.  I am there, just hiding in the shadows and lurking......

{{{{hugs}}}} PhirePhly

 Mar 27, 2008 - 8:41 pm

Title: Chapter 5

"Close the door and sit down." the deep voice vibrated through the room from behind the turned chair.  The room was dark except for the small desk lamp lite upon the desk that stood between me and the voice, a voice I was sure I had heard before.  Taking a step forward, I quietly closed the door, the click of the latch almost deafening in the quiet of the room, before walking across the span of distance between me and the pair of black leather chairs positioned at the front of the desk.

Sitting upon the edge of the chair, my eyes watched the reflection in the glass of the window that he stared out of, his chair only slightly rocking as he moved his arm to take a puff on his cigar, before he continued  "We have heard that you are building again. You are wondering why this concerns me? If you haven't gotten it figured out yet, I own your soul, Lady Phire."

A soft gasp escaped me at the mention of my given name, his chair quickly turning, his dark and brooding eyes watching my expression intently. A uncontrolled shiver raced the length of my spine as I sat there looking at his face, the curved scar upon his cheek bearing witness to his warrior toughness as he rose and walked around the end of the desk.  I watched nervously as I straightened my back upon the edge of the chair and met his eyes direct, "You have heard correctly. But what makes you think you own my soul?" I desperately tried to sound as if it mattered not to me.

His hand reached out in a flash but instead of a weapon, he fingers reached the neckline of my flightsuit and he pulled forth by the chain the small key that dangled around my neck. He voice lowered to a whisper, "this.........this is how I know."  

My eyes flashed upward to meet this warrior's eyes and instantly I knew he was the agent that had met me many moons ago in that Sol tavern. His voice velvety as he fingered the key for a moment longer before letting it drop back down upon my chest.

"I think it is soon time for you to discover the powers of the key. The treasures it keeps secret. But I shall give you time to build awhile longer if you must.  But remember Lady Phire, you can hide beneath another name but the day will come when I shall expect you to come to me willingly........."  He let his voice trail off as he turned away just as the two guards who had 'escorted' her to this warehouse re-entered the room.  There was no hesitation as they motioned for me to rise and leave.  Only for a brief second did I look back at the man that now stood looking out the plateglass window down at the city's lights below, so confident his shoulders, so sure of himself was his stance, yet for some  reason I was sure that I held something he too was waiting for.

The guards replaced the cloth cover over my head and guided me down the flight of stairs to the awaiting shuttle.  I was not bound, but more like carefully situated upon the seat before they gave instructions to the driver to deliver me safely back to Sol.  As the shuttle swoosh into motion, my mind replayed the man's voice and conversation over and over as my fingers stroked the tiny gold key.

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 Mar 23, 2008 - 6:12 pm

Title: Chapter 4

One month later........

The reek of death had burned my nostrils as I traveled through the varied regions, finding the ground brown and cracked, the bones of others passed causing me to retreat and continue my search on several occations. Turning to my recently purchased droid, I muttered, "The realm has become a harsh and barren place, full of pirates, greed and death."  A whirling sound was all the comment the droid produced as it continued to roll along beside me, it's built in data recorder sending back images to my ship.  

The past month had gone uneventful until today. An alert came across the news that a unified race had engaged battle with a member of the alliance I had become a part of, the Captain surviving but his ship a total loss, his incoming message of distress causing great concern among my crew. After issuing orders to increase protective shields, we went ahead with another mission of exploration in this desolate region, looking for potential life forms and a possible place to start the building of an empire.  Sadly, I was disappointed in the findings and after taking numerous soil samples and the droid relaying visual data back to the ship, we prepared to return disheartened.

"Well I have seen enough here.  If we are to find a place to start the regrowth of our race then it must be more fertile then this region presents." I sighed as we trailed back toward the ship's location.

"Captain! I think you should review this data!" came the voice over transmitter.

"What is it Lt. Speil?"

"I am sending now to the droid's monitor. TAKE A LOOK!" the Lt had an unusual excitement to his voice.

Kneeling before the droid, the monitor unfolded before me and the image and data filled the screen.  It only took a few moments of reading to understand the Lt.'s excitement.

"Prepare anchoring and camouflage for the gear, make sure the cloaking shields are up and the genesis devices are ready for inception. I think we have just found a new home!"

The droid squealed almost excitedly from the tone of my voice and I pressed the retractor button to retract the monitor, a smile finally upon my face after so long a stretch of searching without a place to call home.

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 Mar 21, 2008 - 8:09 am

Title: Chapter 3

The light of dawn streamed through the window, and I winced, my fingers finding the edge of the covers and I pulled them tightly over my head blocking out the abusive light.  The night had been filled with fitful dreams even with the lulling effects of the firewine.  Suddenly yanking the covers from myself and bolting upright, a gasp escaping my lips as a thought of the night before became clear.  Tentatively my fingers reached up and found the mysterious key hanging from my neck by the solid gold chain and I knew instantly it was not just a dream.  

Laying back upon the stacked pillows, my fingers absently fingering the key, I replay the encounter, trying to remember what was said.  It was then that a name, though spoken in hushed tone, was revealed by the agent and I now could put a name to my existance.

"So he knows my name.  Knows my past and seems to know my destiny. His southern drawl means that his origin is from the southern most part of the realm. Since I know not his name, though he seems to know mine, I shall refer to him as SC from this moment on."
My teeth chew at my bottom lip while I mull the thought and replay his conversation in my mind. There was something familiar about his presence and his voice that nagged at the recesses of my memory, tugging at me, willing me to listen as if I had some connection to this agent in the past.

"Then it is time. Time to leave Sol in search of the far reaches of this universe, a place to start the growth of an empire.  And to find what treasures this key keeps secret."  

Tossing the covers aside, I climb gracefully from the bed to walk to the window and peer outside.  I could only hope the evils that still sent fragmented memories into my dreams, would not follow into this realm.  Reaching up to twist my long tresses into a knot upon my head, securing it tightly so it would not be viewed by those I encountered on my way to my ship, I don my flightsuit and pull the hood discreetly over my features. Taking one last look in the mirror, a rather nervous smile looks back at me from my reflection.

Turning abruptly, only the click of the hotel room lock was heard as I purposefully head to the docks.

 Mar 19, 2008 - 8:25 pm

Title: Strange encounter

Small flashes of memory of my previous life sparked occationally in my mind, the fragmented and brief glimpses only confused me more as I wandered around this new universe. Why was the old memories trying to haunt me? I know the destruction of the universe had occurred before and the dosages of life-supporting fluids were suppose to erase previous memory. For some reason this time the harsh memories were like small electrical shocks trying to resurface.

The bright lights of the exterior of the cantina drew me, the night air closing in and the night creatures were starting to walk the streets of Sol.  Maybe a glass of wine will send these memories into the deep recesses of my mind and I would thankfully be blessed with a restful night of sleep. Slipping quickly through the double doors of the cantina, my eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness. A sorrowful song was being played by the band on the stage, the murmur of the sizeable crowd could be heard as muffled conversations but almost seemed like a background noise to the music. As a waitress walked by with a tray of drinks, I snag a glass of firewine and turn to look around the room as I take a few careful sips.  The fluid tastes sweet to the lips but I can feel the burn as I swallow and the warmth instantly flushes through my body, not a bad sensation as it had been a long journey and the relaxation was welcome.

It was then that I felt a presence behind me.  I started to turn but the voice near my ear, whispered, "No, do not turn. It is safer if you do not see my face. If your memories start to return, you will need this. Take it and head east in the universe, your destiny awaits you."  His voice was deep and mellow, sending a shiver along my spine as his hot breath could be felt upon my cheek.

How would he know me and from where and when? But as I started to speak and ask this of him, his hand gripped my waist to still any further movement and he slipped something within the pocket of my flightsuit.  The room was crowded and two rather drunk guests stumbled past, bumping me slightly.  As they moved past, I realize the presence behind me is now vacant.  

Whirling around, there was no one there, only the shadows of the room and the deep velvetry drapes along the back wall.  Taking another sip of my wine, I slip my hand deep into my flightsuit pocket and my fingers come in contact with an object that hadn't been there earlier.  Pulling it out and opening my hand, I gaze down at a small gold key upon a chain, it glistening softly in the strobbing lights.

Stroking the key, my mind tries to remember.......and what did he mean I would 'need this'?  Need this for what? Then his words of heading out into the universe came to mind.  Maybe it was time, I thought.  But tomorrow was soon enough, for tonight was a night of wine and oblivious sleep.

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 Mar 9, 2008 - 2:31 pm

Title: Age of Ebonyshade

Awaking, realizing there is no longer motion, I turn my head to look out the window of the escape pod.  Few memories spark and flitter about in my mind but I am sure I can remember the destruction of the universe and fleeing........then nothing.

I pull the control lever and hear the soft hum of the motor, propelling into an upright position, what has been my bed for who knows how many lightyears. The lights upon the control panel are blinking, that is a good sign that there is life and proper gas levels to support my race.

My race.......*pondering for a moment*  What race am I?  Who am I?  And the ultimate question.........WHERE AM I??

The hatchlock clicks into an unlocked position and slowly cranks open.  Unlatching the safety harness, I stretch slightly before extending my long legs from the capsule and stepping out onto solid ground.  The surroundings seem familiar, yet different. The buzz of ships can be heard in the nearby atmosphere.  Already my instincts tell me that this is a hostile world and that I must steal myself if to survive.

Glancing down at my body, I stare blanking at what appeared to be an emblem with G.C. embroidered on it.  

"I think finding a new flightsuit might be the first thing in order since this one is hideous."  

Reaching back inside the pod, I pull out a portable locator and poke in coordinates to the nearest garment shop in Sol.

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 Feb 29, 2008 - 6:26 pm

Title: Jack who?

Galaxy Corporation had closed it's doors and the rusted padlock swayed silently in the strong gust of the aftermath. Destruction of the galaxy had come almost with only short forewarnings giving only a small amount of colonist and races to flee in their Cron-pods with hopes of survival in the next age.

Just prior:
Rebecca had quickly grabbed records and vital files from the Corporation's offices, stuffing them into small pouches. While she was pulling the employee records her fingers lingered on Jack Acid's file.  Taking an extra moment to flip open the record, skimming the recorded data, she again realized that his true identity was still a secret.  His skills within the Corporation had been exemplary and had been an honor to have worked along side him. But during the later days his attendence at the office had become more and more erratic, his mood distracted as if he was fighting wars from another galaxy.  Even with this distraction, his holdings within the Corp held fast and he remained a primary stockholder. ( 2 72,306,580   Jack Acid   ~Galaxy Corp~)

Rebecca flipped the file shut and shoved it into the pouch with the rest and quickly deposited the pouches down the loading shoot to the awaiting pod.  She realized that she had not heard from Captain Starr in some time but since he had been flying and working recon in another part of the Galaxy, she was sure that he took the necessary steps to secure survival. (10 29,913,010   Lucky Starr   ~Galaxy Corp~ )

With a heavy sigh she walked to the balcony doors and pulled them open, feeling the sharp breeze bite at her cheeks as she looked out at the empire that remained.  R. Hood, the name that read upon her deskplate almost made her smile as she remembered the times her father had teased her about her destiny.  With thoughts of her father came the sadness of his death in the destruction of the primary holding of Galaxy Corp by the wretched villian that chose to change his name  often as if that would clear his conscience. Ares aka Target aka Slayer.....the names shall burn forever in her mind since her father died in one of the last battles trying to save the final defenses.  

It had been a tedious age, filled with disappointments and accomplishments.  The rebellion of the two primary planets that held the majority of the def lvls in the front lines had almost caused Rebecca to go destroy the colonist in those realms herself. She had shrieked her displeasure, but it was like yelling at OZ behind the curtain for it was out of her control besides to capture and rebuild.  Trying to regain control of the empire she had issued an order for a multitude of lives to be destroyed as the destruction of 148 planets followed in the wake. (4 61,985,738   R Hood   ~Galaxy Corp~ )

Rebecca turned and left her chambers of the Galaxy Corp and headed down to the flight deck.  Very few ships and pods remained unexpelled and so her footsteps resounded upon the deck as she walked to the one reserved for her.  Placing herself within the seat, she administered the injection, leaning back and closing her eyes as the capsule sealed and pressurized.  

Soon, another age.........another world..........another lifetime.

With a swoosh...............all was dark...................

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 Dec 6, 2007 - 8:07 am

Title: Image follows forever?

Rebecca Hood just read the transmissions across the monitor and about spewed her coffee all over her keyboard.  The few from Captain Starr catching her eye since they mentioned her name.


Lucky Starr 12/05/2007 22:20
Make, R Hood, Mad at you and she will hunt you down and keep on pounding...she is mean!  

ThunderHorse 12/05/2007 23:47
Yeah mean as a teaddy bear :'(  

Lucky Starr 12/06/2007 7:40
No... Nooo... She is BRUTAL!!! leave her alone man!!!  

"Mean, eh? Will poor Captain Starr never forgive me?"  

Rebecca laughed softly as she picked up her mug and exited her chambers, her thoughts regressing back to another time when battles were swift, alliances were defined, and transgressors were dealt with in a mannerly fashion. Indeed, Captain Starr had felt the heat of her wrath during that age but not unjustly so, but she had to chuckle that he continued to view her as a 'wicked queen'.

 Oct 14, 2007 - 2:39 pm

Title: Couldn't help but repeat this one

20 lines from Star Wars that can be improved if you substitute the word "pants".

1. A tremor in the pants. The last time I felt this was in the presence of my old master.

2. We've got to be able to get some reading on those pants, up or down.

3. She must have hidden the plans in her pants. Send a detachment down to retrieve them. See to it personally, Commander.

4. These pants may not look like much, kid, but they've got it where it counts.

5. I find your lack of pants disturbing.

6. These pants contain the ultimate power in the Universe. I suggest we use it.

7. Han will have those pants down. We've got to give him more time!

8. General Veers, prepare your pants for a surface assault.

9. Lock the door. And hope they don't have pants.

10. I used to bulls-eye womp rats in my pants back home.

11. Governor Tarkin. I recognized your foul pants when I was brought on board.

12. You look strong enough to pull the pants off a Gundark.

13. That blast came from those pants. That thing's operational!

14. Don't worry. Chewie and I have gotten into a lot of pants more heavily guarded than this.

15. Maybe you'd like it back in your pants, your Highness.

16. Jabba doesn't have time for smugglers who drop their pants at the first sign of an Imperial Cruiser.

17. Yeah, well short pants is better than no pants at all, Chewie.

18. Attention. This is Lando Calrissean. The Empire has taken control of my pants, I advise everyone to leave before more troops arrive.

19. I cannot teach him. The boy has no pants.

20. You came in those pants? You're braver than I thought.

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 Oct 12, 2007 - 5:53 pm

Title: White House dirt

Rebecca glared at the maintenance crew captain after he informed her that the generator would take another two hours to repair.  Incompetant people were usually dismissed but this officer had been with her fleet for a very long time and she knew if he stated such then there was truely a reason.  

"Fine but get it back on line for production quickly or  the force field around the perimeter will start to weaken. After the last turbulance we can't risk another shutdown of the defenses.  Last time cost the Corporation a whole sector and a newly equipped voyager."

She stomped out of the engineering deck and made her way to the elevators, her mood not improving much since it had taken the clean up crews hours of overnight clean up from the dust that had filtered through their system from another pass of the Presidental flights.  She was going to send them a bill if they didn't either change their flight pattern or figure out a way not to leave some much debris in the air in thier wake.

The elevator light flickered, the motor chugged, then silence.

"NOOOOOO!!" beating her fists on the doors of the elevator. "When I get out of this elevator I am headed to the control room to write a letter from Galaxy Corporation to the White House!!"  A fit of sneezing then overtook her since the pounding of her fists had caused additional dust to release into the air.

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 Oct 10, 2007 - 7:29 am

Title: New Empires

There was no sun's morning rays where the ship found itself that morning.  Captain Hood sighed in discontent as she walked away from the ship's window.  The events of the past few weeks had left her adrift and in solitude.  Her crew had said little but she knew there was whispers amongst them.  Grabbing her coffee and returning to her quarters, Rebecca Hood mulled over the changes.  Her thoughts drifting to the memories..........

Her fleet and fellow members of the Guild of Architect had been busily working to build an empire.  The news of battles within the universe had little effect on their moods or focus of building and colonizing.  But then something had changed.  An aggressive force had entered one of their sectors and the ensueing change of events now left her bannished from the Guild.  First, the leader of the Guild had sent messages to her fleet that he was in pursuit of the offender, later messages came that revealed victories even though alot of lives and planets had been lost.  It had been a time of celebration and the crews and colonists had cheered and went back to work with even more diligence as they tried to recoup for the losses.  An outside alliance had even taken part in one of the battles and this had given the Guild even more the sense of strength and security.  
She had vacated a smaller region, just as a terrible transmission had come across the wire.  The leader of the Guild had been killed in action.  No one seemed to know the cause or the enemy.  His ship had just vaporized into thin air thus leaving the Guild in turmoil.   Defenses were down, colonist ran, shrieking in dispair and quickly Captain Hood had given the order to secure the gates and close off any possible attacks.  Still, many lives were lost but within hours, things had started to resume a more recognized form of order.  A memorial service was held but then building crews were again dispatched.
It was not until this morning that Captain Hood had found herself ejected from the Guild.  Not that she didn't understand their decision but awaking to finding her alliance broken via a taped transmission was heartbreaking.  
Rebecca was pulled from her thoughts as there was a knock at her door.  
"Enter"  she commanded and the chamber door swooshed open to reveal her father standing within the threshold.  She smiled thinly as she rose to embrace him.  She could tell from his face that he was both concerned about her and the newly created empire.
Wrapping her arm around his, she walked with him down the corridor of the ship as they reviewed what would be next steps of survival in this harsh new world.

((Note: Quicksilver (A_Blitz) was killed by the game and his leadership and guidance is sorely missed.  Due to the bounty-spread of the game, I awoke this morning to find myself booted off the team to help with their survival.  From here..........I do not know my plans))

 Sep 8, 2007 - 1:39 pm

Title: Empire Crumbles

Colonist shriek in terror as the Universe shakes and explosions from within create mass destruction of the empires as we know them.  Planets are vaporized, galaxies disappear off radar within brief seconds, empires fold within themselves and with a plume of vapor they exist no more.

Lady ZBop closes her eyes as the pod leaves the atmosphere of her home galaxy.  She is unclear where she will awaken or how long it will be before she again crosses paths with familiar captains and rulers of this age. Surely some of them will also survive and when the new age comes, they will all again strive to rebuild thier empires.


Game concluded on Sept 8, 2007
Top 5 Teams:
The Hive             2  ZBop   207,147,820
Catch-22             4  Malhiem   175,564,391
Chaos Faction      5  Kyuubi   151,802,693
Sleeping Giants    5  The Walrus   138,737,425
Have Waken
be happy             2  Barbare   47,826,677


1 120,794,146  Moonraker   The Hive 7/0 1,590 1,113 641   1,981
2 86,353,674   ZBop        The Hive 2/2 219 237 229   405
3 60,048,324   Rampage     Catch-22 4/9 10 157 206 243   243
4 51,478,057   Kyuubi    Chaos Faction 63/11 1,316 1,041 347   1,235
5 51,007,786   Yuengling   Catch-22 16/3 551 315 244   358

Congrats to all.  It was a pleasure fighting beside you, against you, or IN-SPITE of you *wink*   May the next age start soon.

 Sep 4, 2007 - 8:28 pm

Title: ACCKKK!!!

I do not want to be EVIL!!  *rolling eyes heavenward to the God PJ and whispering a small prayer*

How is it that I, Lady ZBop, a mild mannered Muggle and tender of planets can be only two steps from joining the EVIL ones?? *gasping*

And yet there are players like LuckyStarr, who sneak and spy and sell intel and they are ranked as GOOD!!  {{{hugs Lucky}}}

Now how interesting is that?  

((and I understand what makes the game ranking vary but somehow I just have to chuckle when I see myself an EVIL rank LOL))

 Sep 2, 2007 - 10:37 am

Title: Distracted

My apologizes to my team mate, my allies and those others in the Main game I love to tease/harrass.  Because of some recent events in my RL, I have been distracted, a tad depressed, and overwhelmed with extra stuff.

Some of you know me personally enough to already know I work with disabled people that the courts appoint to my office for oversight.  A few months ago, I had some severe death threats against me by one of the clients I take care of.  He didn't make them direct but it was reported to the Judge, who then in turn reported it to me.  Law enforcement  were involved but of course he denied the statements. He is still a scary guy and there is not a way to change that at the moment.  He comes into my office at least once or twice a week and when leaving he spits on all sorts of things.  At the moment he has a major dislike for Harry S. Truman so he spits on pictures of him within our courthouse.  When the time is right, hopefully I can get him admitted to a psych hospital.

To make my office safer so this person or someone else could not just come across my desk and attack me, the county commissioners decided to build me inside a windowed/secured area.  I appreciate thier intentions but this has caused my office to be totally torn apart for the last two months.  For a few days I couldn't even find my freakin' ink pen!!  I had no computer or phone for 5 days and needless to say even after they got these things hooked back up I was still pretty nonfunctional.  

I had a skeleton of a wall with no inserted windows yet and no desks.  My staff and I had been working off a small typing table and an end piece off a desk.  They finally got a door installed about 3 weeks into the project.

THANK THE GOOD LORD,  that this past week the cabinet guys brought my desk unit in to be installed.  Of course it was NOT what I ordered and there is still issues about that but it was so GREAT to have a desk again!! and I actually found my favorite ink pen!!  and I got some of my paperwork completed that is stretching on the overdue point.

It is still not completely finished but at least my frame of mind is getting a bit better.  

So thank you for being my friends.  Thank you for overlooking my shortcomings and neglect of returning messages.

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 Aug 26, 2007 - 9:35 pm

Title: The sky is falling

ZBop heard a thunderous cracking sound and the floor below her feet shook.  She could hear the cries of the colonist outside her windows, as she rushed forth and yanked open the draperies.  What met her eyes was chaos.  Colonist running the streets in panic.  Heartwrenching fear held ZBop in it's hands as she pushed the intercom.

"CONTROL ROOM!!" the voice was heard yelling over the voices in the background.

"Yes, Lt, this is your Queen.  What the heck is going on!!??"  she didn't intend for impatience to be in her voice but the unknown circumstances didn't warrent much patience at the moment.

"I am sorry, your highness, but little is known except that there is chucks of the sky falling upon us!" The stress in the Lt's voice could be heard.

"What do you mean the 'sky is falling?'  Chunks from where? What is the source?" As she spoke, ZBop wandered back closer to the window and watched outside but just as she reached her hand toward the handle, the glass of the door shattered.  A rock the size of a baseball entered the quarters and landed amongst the glass.  Gusts of air spilled into the room, whipping the draperies outward and muffling the voice over the intercom.

"What little we know so far is far is it is related to an earlier transmission that we intercepted.  It came from outside the realm of the universe.  Someone referring to himself as PJ but signing off as Lord OZ.  The bloke ranted about destroying the whole of the universe with a push of a button.  Of course we all got a good laugh at first but am sorry, my queen.  We will get to work on trying to track the transmission as quickly as possible!"

Before the Lt had even finished the last words, ZBop had sank into her chair.  She knew the name the Lt had spoke of.  Her empire was in grave danger.  Not only HER empire but the universe as a whole was in danger of total destruction.

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 Aug 4, 2007 - 9:20 pm

Title: ~TAG-UR-IT~

To satisfy some of the boredom of the players I  am going to start a bit of an tag-UR-it attack game.

Rules of the game:

1. Planet has to be built in real space and in a sector that holds three or more planets and the only planet in that sector. (Note: the only reason for this is to take out the bounty factor so all players can attack.  If you don't understand how to hit a lower player without bounty then ask)

2. Planet shall be built any level but a max level of 300.  How much you want to spend on levels is up to you but no sector defenses due to the bounty issue.

3. The Planet shall be named "Toothbrush Holder" so it can be identified from other planets.

4. The 'scan planet' page of the Toothbrush Holder planet has to be copy/pasted to the FORUM THREAD as proof that you captured the correct planet along with the FNN news that showed the player getting attacked for one planet.  

You can then claim possession of the Golden Toothbrush and you have 24 hours to rebuild a planet and hopefully hide it well.

Brief story summary:

The Golden Toothbrush was part of a shout and AATrade storyline much earlier in the game.  Lady ZBop has been the owner of the toothbrush that was stolen from The Walrus and then placed up for auction to the highest bidder.  It has been nicely displayed on her mantel in a glass covered case (ALL LIT AND EVERYTHING!!) since the cyber-auction.  Recently, ZBop ventured out of The Hive and took the Golden Toothbrush with her and buried the prize within the Galaxy in hopes of keeping it safe.  

Thus.............the hunt for the Golden Toothbrush begins..........

I, ZBop, have hidden the toothbrush out within the Galaxy and challenge whomever is brave enough to venture forth and retrieve the prize.

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 Aug 1, 2007 - 9:52 pm

Title: Gathering dust no more.

The interior protective walls of the Hive shook and Lady Zbop eyed the meters carefully.  The Gates were slowly unlocking.

The colonist had grown frustrated in the confines of the Hive and had recently been demanding more freedoms within the universe.  Travel had been restricted for so long that most war ships had gathered dust and were now receiving a fresh coat of paint, a fine tuning and getting prepared for travel.  Wars within the galaxy had turned quiet and some of the colonist wanted to venture forth and explore and conquer and expand The Hives holdings.  

Sadly, Lady ZBop had followed the 'Immortals' rules of containing the number of planets in the Empire so to be able to better protect her citizens but in doing so she had felt the lack of moral and the citizens were growing lazy and discontent.

Captain Moonraker had grown beyond the confines and though he held to his alliance to The Hive, he had many eons ago slipped through the gates to make his own mark in the universe.  The established settlements he had built were growing and flurishing and his power now would soon surpass her own.  

So with that looming in the news, she had given the order.  It was time to refurbish the fleet, gather some of the willing colonist and open the gates for exploration.  

With that she sat now, watching the huge protective Gates creak open from lack of use and a gush of air from the exterior universe rushed into the Hive, filling the area with smells that some of her citizens had never experienced.  Yes, it was time.  

 Jun 22, 2007 - 6:31 am

Title: Reply to Emperor Valience

Quote from Valience:
"............................Some great existence I've got, no? You! Surely you monitor my actions, knowing how unstable I am. How far are you willing to let me go? When is it too much? When do I become so inhuman you stop me? If this is not enough, will you have me destroy all good in the galaxy before intervention?"

Dearest Emperor Valience:
The Hive does indeed monitor your actions and the staticians calculate your travels and attacks on a daily basis.  When they bring me the reports it sometimes saddens me that I can see that the serum that was administered eons ago has lost it's affect and you are losing control of sanity.  War is necessary for the greater good but pick your battles and enemies well, young emperor.  Other Lords shall remember your actions and I fear that ye will find yourself cornered in the universe someday while looking down the nose of a missile and awaiting your death in the seconds to come.

Most Sincerely,
Lady ZBop, Queen of The Hive

 Jun 10, 2007 - 9:57 am

Title: Needle in a haystack

Lady ZBop's vessel hummed softly as it re-entered the outskirts of The Hive's boundries.  She signed with relief and peered out the window as the sight of home was a welcome view that warmed her heart.  It seemed like forever that she had been beckoned out from her home to boring public relations conferences and meetings in another universe.  Those tasks had gone well and she had felt pleasure while attending to those matters but it surely was good to see her home planet coming into view.  

She left the suite and made her way to the shuttle quickly.  There was so much to much to catch up many messages to return and she felt a quick exhilaration of the duties before her.  YES!! it was sooo good to be home again!!

ZBop's eyes widened as she entered the control room and looked over the visuals of the solar system.  Captain Moonraker came beside her quickly and walked with her around the room briefing her on the changes and battles won and lost during her absence.   She stared in amazement at the black hole left from the explosions where once had been Troublemaker territory.  She glanced at Moon but he was still intent on filling her in on the other changes and he did not notice the glimmer of shock that crossed her face.  Inwardly she acknowledged that we are all simular to a needle in a haystack.......only a tiny speck in the universe.......our absence not missed.........our presence only noticed if someone lands on us and gets pricked in the butt.

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 May 29, 2007 - 9:31 pm

Title: Just for kicks...

It is a shame that game set up is such a pain because running a .21 version game again for a brief time might make newer players realize how far this game has come.  After a terrible BRIEF (like two tries in maybe a three day stretch) introduction to the Main game, I gave up and then found a 'No Kill' .21 version of the game to learn on.  This was pretty cool because it game me a chance to learn the basics of the game and survive long enough to actually think that my carrying loads and loads and loads of goods, ore, etc to my planets was accomplishing something LOL

I remember there was no map.  You totally navigated through links and then hoped you could find your way back.  It has actually been so long since I played and I only played it briefly that I am sure there are old veterans out there that could fill in the details much better then me.  

My point to this is how awesome the game has become.  I think my absolute favorite is the instant msg box instead of total screen intrusion. This is just awesome!!  Now I feel less guilty if I send a msg to a player not knowing if they are sitting in a hole somewhere or in the middle of an attack.

Fed space is all around Sol making it much easier to move around while your ship is little and you are learning or maybe just getting startup going.  Links show the product after full scan so this saves time as you are seeking those trade routes. No NOVA BOMBS!! wooot woot!! but on the down side there is now those pesky sector missiles that sound a bit like bees buzzing right before they fly up your tailpipe.  And I am sure I am forgetting tons of other great changes.  

A few I am not so fond of is the planet tagging and limited building of planets.  But I do understand the intentions so as to keep the strain on the server down from people like me that would be mass builders if given the chance. LOL  (tis my therapy guys!! I can't help myself!! hehehe)  

Ships always being in play and parked on your planets makes the game alot higher risk since there is no way to park them off in inaccessible parking garages that are safe from any attack.  This creates an interesting quirk.  

The newest change that I am still trying to determine how I feel about is the online time limit.  Part of me likes this since it keeps those players that lay in wait ALL DAY will no longer have that advantage over the part-time player but part of me is saddened for two reasons.  (1) I like the chat and roleplay part of the game and this will be limited with time limit and (2) a part time player has a disadvantage over a daily player unless the minutes could be rolled over like the turns are.

Anyway, this was just a recall of the old to the new and how greatful we all should be for a great FREE game

Anyone else got some old .21 memories??  

 May 29, 2007 - 7:47 am

Title: Battles Afar

ZBop's return to The Hive after fighting battles afar in another universe found her weiry of battles and death.  She could still smell the stench of burning ship fuels, scorched flesh and planets being consumed.  Many lives had been taken on both sides.  Costly damages were experienced by all.  And then God intervened and all was quiet again.  She counted her blessing each day to have survived the battles so as to be able to return to The Hive and her granddaughter's smiling face.

Though the empire seemed rather  quiet upon her return, she could still feel the underlying current of foreboding evil lurking.  No straight forward attacks but the trimming of the edges of the empire.  More like baiting to test her patience.  And her patience was growing thin.  Muggles were known for patience and quiet nature but they did have their limit of tolerance.  Yes, a bit of healing and rest time is needed but then ZBop must step up and define the line of tolerance.  The time is near........

 Apr 28, 2007 - 12:00 am

Title: Returning home

Blinking, blinking again and upon the third time, Lady ZBop realized that the huge dark eyes staring intently into her face were real! Not a dream of the past, not only a wishful thought.  Grabbing her granddaughter tightly into her arms she again inhaled the child smell of Little PhirePhly before setting her away from her and glancing around the room.

"How did I get here?  The pit.........that awful pit.  Yet here I now stand safely within our home."  

"Well Gram, " little PP stated in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, "I was missing you and you had PROMISED to have a tea party with me.  So.....I pushed the button so I could ask you how much longer."

ZBop stood and stared in amazement.  Thus this child had held the secret to her escape while all the warriors had been hunting and had failed in their attempts to locate her.  The amulet!! MY GAWD!! she had forgotten about the amulet!  The child safety device that allow a child to be beamed to the parent if they became lost or wandered too far or in the reverse, a parent could be summoned by the child if they became injured.  ZBop shared the other half of the amulet of her granddaughter's.  

Knowing that she should scold her for pushing the button since the child was only being impatient, yet since this act had been her salvation and trip to safety, ZBop only grabbed Little PP back into a tight hug and told her she needed to make a brief call and then a tea party was in order.

The child gleefully skipped down the hall and ZBop shouted behind her, "And have Cook put an extra cookie upon each our trays!!"

She was free.  Safe within the confines of her home and she made a call to Graystone.  At first the officer seemed a bit reserved but shortly he seemed to come alive and updated her on what rumors were going around the universe.  Talking softly, she developed a plan........

 Apr 23, 2007 - 11:21 pm

Title: Tribulation

Lt Graystone was fretful after the incoming message he had received today.  It was good news to learn that his old master was alive and well but the suspicions he had about the Queen caused great distress.  He too had felt something was not normal but Muggles are a strange creature to start with and so he thought maybe it was their season.

But if Captain Malheim was correct then where was their real Queen?  Who would hold her captive? or was she dead? That thought brought a sadness to his heart and he thought of Little PhirePhly.  No! this can not be the path of fate!  

Graystone remembered the mercenary that had contacted ZBop and had gifted her the stolen treasure that had previously belonged to The Walrus.  With that thought, Graystone sent out a quick coded message to the renegade for help.

:::Greetings Captain Griswald:::If you are truely an ally of Lady ZBop, please contact me asap::::Signed, Graystone, of The Hive.

 Apr 7, 2007 - 10:26 pm

Title: Chapter IV

"I found one!"  shouted ZBop's granddaughter with glee as she rushed forward with her tiny hand extended so as to present her prize for grandmother's inspection.  Within the little hand lay a tiny pink egg and above that was a alabastor-white, beaming small face with huge dark brown eyes staring up proudly at ZBop.  

"Yes, dearest, I do believe that is a Rarbit egg. Now you better place it within the basket for safe-keeping and see if you can find another."  Smiling softly as the innocent youth carefully placed the egg on the grass-filled basket and ran off in the direction of the other children.  Ah yes, as ZBop sat and watched the community event she was filled with pride and hope.  Numerous children filled the courtyard and the abandonment of innocent youth amazed her.  They knew nothing of the enemy that lurked outside the protected compound.  All signs of the earlier wars had been banned from The Hive after the loss of ZBop's daughter and son-in-law.  Within hours of that news, Lady ZBop had sealed the Hive and no longer allowed travel out into the exterior universe.

The pain still passed upon ZBop's face at the thought of Gut's attack on an outlaying planet where her daughter had traveled to check on the colonist.  Azal and her husband had left thier tiny daughter in her safekeeping during thier trip or even her granddaughter's fate would have been different.  Again ZBop looked out and smiled as the tiny Little PhirePhly skipped across the grass in search of more eggs.  She was a wonder and so full of life.  Despite being heir to the throne, she won the hearts of those she encountered. She had been named after her great grandmother, PhirePhly, and she truely showed the same compassion and strengths.

An aid came quietly beside ZBop and leaned down to whisper something for only her ears.  A frown darkened her brow and then with a quick motion several guards encircled the courtyard.  ZBop walked stately out across the grounds and leaned down to kiss the top of Little PhirePhly's head.  "You keep searching, dearest.  Gran's got to tend to a few things but I promise to inspect your basket upon my return."

Upon reaching the tower, Lady ZBop walked straight to Lt. Pickering.  "What is the emergency message that has been received from the outer world? Surely it has been misunderstood."  Pickering handed the text to her and for just a second the universe stopped moving and time stood still..........

Guts  04/06/2007
100T for info on location of ZBop empire. Paid upon confirmation.

"Where the hell did this come from?" demanded ZBop as she looked into the face of her officer.

"An ally intercepted it across the airwaves, Mame, and thought you should be warned.  It is unclear what alliances have been formed or if a rogue fortune seeker will attempt to cash in on the offer."

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 Apr 3, 2007 - 10:48 pm

Title: Chapter III

Years past and the universe grew quiet.  Trading resumed and slowly the posters of Captain Guts, that portrayed him with a eyepatch over his only front eye and the arm of The Walrus drapped over his shoulder with a drip of drool running down his shoulder, had grown faded and shredded from the elements.  Life was good in the Hive and the citizens happy.

Some of the outskirted colonies had chosen to gain independence from The Hive and develop thier own government.  This was fine with Lady ZBop because she too had grown older and more tired as the years past.  News had come from spies that some of the out-colonies had been scanned by the enemy but only one had suffered his wrath.  The citizens there had remained loyal and had preferred to perish then to divulge the hidden nest's whereabouts.  ZBop had sent rescue ships to gather the survivors and move them safely to a new location with reward for their loyalty.

So today was another beautiful day.  Tunnel living was preferred by her species and though thier skin was milk white and eyes were glassy pink, moving through the darkenss was second nature and the youth born since the barricade had never known the light thus never missing it or knowing it's meaning or beauty.

ZBop thought about 'the light'.  In some ways she missed it but danger and death lurked there even after all these years.  She sighed as her thoughts moved that direction.  Planetary beauty from above was breathtaking.  The sun's glimmer glinting off a planet's surface.  A meteor shower from a distance was simular to the legends told about fireworks of the ancestors.  

A chuckle escaped her lips and she wondered how her advosaries had weathered growing older.  Maybe Walrus only get more wrinkles.  And she wondered if Guts now sported a single spectacle over his front eye and one over his rear eye.  Again her imagination caused her amusment.

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 Apr 2, 2007 - 10:32 pm

Title: Chapter II

Deafening alarms were sounding causing ZBop to jump with a start.  Clamping her hands over her ears against the shrill noise, the hourglass caught her attention.  OMG! she must have dozed off for as her ears suffered the sound, her mind now registered why the alarms were sounding.  The last grain of sand had fallen.  A sickened feeling brewed up in her stomach.  With the last grain so was the last seconds of the agreement with Pepper's team.  The Walrus and his reeker of death will be combing the universe in search of her empire.

Willing her eyes from the hourglass, Captain ZBop rushed to the control panel and tripped the alarms to off.  As the deafening noise came to a stop it only enhanced the sounds of the activity outside the balcony window.  She could hear the reinforced gates being closed giving off the sound of grinding stone and thick metal, the sound of huge tankers could be heard as they manuevered to fuel all the attack ships so they would be ready in an instants notice.  Mothers were scolding the children and ushering them to the bunkers below.  

All of a sudden it was not fear that welled inside ZBop but a resentment.  Deep and cold.  Resentment that due to her citizens desire to work hard and build families and fortunes of thier own, they had unknowingly cause the colapse of a treaty.  The ole' Walrus had uttered his warnings many moons ago so maybe he had grown old or distracted and all would be well and life would be back to normal soon.  But no sooner had that thought crossed ZBop's mind then a message was received.

The Walrus  04/02/2007 15:22
Zero Hour Hath cometh

She slammed her fist onto the surface and gritting her teeth, muttering unladylike words..........  

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 Apr 1, 2007 - 4:35 pm

Title: Quiet before the storm...Chapter I

Captain ZBop stood on the balcony and gazed over the busy empire below her.  Pride welled inside while seeing that things had gone so well since the last major attack that had left her sitting in sol in a small stealth and only one cloaked planet of faithful, yet fearful, colonist the remains of her empire.

A mixture of anger and dismay had overwhelmed her following that attack, yet she resisted the call of the darkside and only wandered around aimlessly for a few lightyears.  This time had allowed her maimed pride to heal and her fortitude to return.  The feelings of betrayal gave way to an inner strength.  Knowing that her small army and faithful new empire would not withstand the remarkable attack and hunting abilities of her enemies, she had ordered the scouts to find a place at the outskirts of the universe that was not only out of view but also had dangerous terrain to be traveled before it would be found.  Dreamily she had wished for quicksand, meteor showers, wormholes and gakamonsters to fill the void between sol and the gates to the new growing empire.

It had taken awhile but the scouts had returned with news and shortly following, ships were sent to restart the building.  Captain ZBop made a distasteful choice to attack some empires that had unprotected colonists thus increasing her powers and wealth quickly. The newly acquired planets and populations seemed almost relieved at having a new ruler and thus the building continued.......and continued.

But today, a sick feeling lay in the pit of her stomach.  Unknown to anyone except her top staff, a message had been recieved last night.  It brought back memories of the past war and the losses suffered by her people.  She wondered silently if she had sold her soul to the devil when she had agreed to briefly ally herself with The Walrus of Sgt Pepper Empire and allowed him to hire her to help him in exchange for a NAP.  There were stipulations to the NAP and those had been honored by her people but they knew not of the one and final stipulation..........the one that voids that agreement.......the one that the late night message pertained to:

Message Sender Guts  2007-03-31 21:53:27  

Captain of the The Black Swordsman  


300 k to go

Thinking again of the message was a mixture of fear and fortitude.  The one stipulation of our empire not outgrowing The Walrus king was about to be broken.  She envisioned the drool dripping off Walrus' tusks as he uttered the warning to not test this last stipulation or all bets were off.

"Come if you dare, Captain Guts.  Seek out our gates and withstand the acid rain and the shields of space mites.  See if your troops can avoid the quicksand pits.  And if your ships survive the entrances to our realm then it is destiny."

Choking back the anger that had been gone from her for many moons, ZBop stepped back inside the tower to order scouts to recheck the perimeters of the empire and sound the alarms if there was any intruders.

And with that ZBop flipped the hour-glass that she had placed beside her chair and sat and watched as the small grains of sand fell, counting the time until her empire was second in the vast universe and it seemed as if a hush fell upon the world...........the quiet before the storm.

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 Mar 28, 2007 - 9:37 pm

Title: RP characters

Sitting here tonight I was thinking about the players in the game and my imagination was 'putting a face' to the game characters.  Of course that changes with each game due the change of nick and the actions and conversations during the game but here goes:

Kilroy: Aloaf royalty; simular to a Duke.....sitting behind a marble desk with a treasure chest open in front of him as he counts the coins and stacks them in neat little piles. With the Dutchess Trouble tending the mining for more. (aka - Kilroy and WA)

The Walrus:  Deceptively large and slow with huge white tucks that drip drool as he eyes a ship within the sights of his missiles.  (aka - Tarnus)

Guts: Keen eye both in front of his head and one on the back of his head.  Otherwise physical image a bit like on the draw, very dangerous if you are in his path or in his sights. I fear that he either has telepathy abilities or a overdeveloped sense of smell. (aka - ak5intoe)

Unowned: Robin Hood character.  Well.....robs from the rich anyway, I am not sure about giving to the poor part.  Methodical in his pranks and attacks and takes pleasure in being the target of the chase. (aka - unknown hehehe)

Junkman Kendrick: Renegade type.  Dressed in long black tailed coat while standing behind the helm.  The developement of four arms gives him the ability to fire, reload, manuever and refire within seconds. (aka - Max Griswald)

Malhiem:  Luke Skywalker type. Youthful, full of honor and good intentions.  Would rather die in battle then a slow death from upgrading planets too long   (aka - Spar7an)

Soloflex: Very tall, slithery creature that now is plotting his revenge after the annialation of his empire.  Like the creature of Alien movies he will soon pop out of a crevice or something to reek doom. (aka - unknown)

I will think about others later and these may be totally off base of what the players actually envision themselves but in my game-eye this is what I am seeing   Happy playing.

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 Mar 24, 2007 - 9:20 pm

Title: LOL

Again I find myself daydreaming as I sit logged into the Main site  after brousing the blogs and realize that I am absently manuevering that little space ship around and around that tiny solar system trying to miss the planets!!! LOL

(now if I could manuever my excel around inside the Main GAME and miss all of Gut's 'mini-mines' with such expertise I'd be a happy camper! hehehe)

 Feb 20, 2007 - 8:27 am

Title: Boys will be boys??

Normally I do not post blogs that are not related to the game but today I am going to break that pattern and vent here a bit.

This past three weeks have been a trial handling things my 15 year 9 mos stepson keeps passing out. Parenting is not always fun

Weekend 1: We allow him to go to his friend's house for the Super Bowl party. Now mind you one of the boys in the group is one that the Juvenile Officer informed the son that he needed to 'choose a new friend'.  The son returns home with his head shaved bald stating that his team lost.  

Weekend 2: Hubby gets up at 5:30 am to take the son to meet the school chess team van to attend a meet.  Giving him strict instructions to call shortly before the van arrives back into town so he can be picked up. The son did call twice, the last one at 9 pm stating the meet was just over and it was a 2 hr drive yet.  We had the younger daughter to pick up from a Valentine's dance at 10 pm and for some reason my husband's radar went off and he decided to go past the school on our way home. Wonder upon wonders the vans had just arrived back and so we pulled in and watched kids unloading and leaving.  NO SON! Asking a teacher the son's whereabouts we were told that he said his ride was to pick him up at McDonalds on the other end of town so they had let him off there.  My husband looked at me and said "Think I need coffee from McDonalds don't you?" and of course I agreed.

From what we gathered the SON had decided that instead of calling us he would get dropped off there and hang out with a new-found girlfriend.  Then he would mysteriously appear at home stating he had hitched a ride.  We also discovered that this girl is 18 years old and drives.

Weekend 3: We had some errands to take care of and so hubby and I left the kids home and were gone about 1 1/2 hrs.  Upon returning home we found a couple of additional boys at our house.  This normally is not allowed but we didn't make a fuss about it.  We then came to realize that it was pretty much planned by the boys that they were there overnight.  Later a third additional boy shows up.  Now as parents we would much prefer kids to hang out with supervision then out running the streets to we went along.  I made snacks, supper, when they got a bit loud and bored I offered up a card table with some pennies and cards so they could play poker.

About 11pm hubby walked through that area and noticed that there was only three boys not four.  He asked where son was and the boys said he was in the bathroom.  About 10 min later I went through, noticing the son's bathroom light was on and there was only three boys.  Hubby asked me about it and we realized something was up.  We waited a bit more and then went to check. NO SON in the bathroom, NO SON hanging out with his friends in the basement.  He had taken one of his friend's cell phone's and met this girlfriend down the street and took off.  

Well of course "boys being boys" and covering for each other, one of the remaining boys alerted him that the gig was up via cellphone.  I politely explained that since the host was not in attendence then the other boy's evening was now over and I would deposit them elsewhere to hang out or take them home.  They chose to all go to one of the other boy's house.

Hubby sat up until 3 am for the son to return.  I was mad and tired and had gone to bed at 1:30 am.  The son....who I again state is only 15 1/2 years old.....pulled into the driveway in this girls car at 9:30 am Sunday morning.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! my emotions jumped from scared, to angry to just totally disappointed.  I won't go into details but let's just say there isn't a phone in our house except in the master bedroom and that door is kept locked.  The son no longer has a power cord to his pc in his room for two weeks.  There was a conference via phone with the weights coach and the son will be on the 'injuried' list for two weeks. And being my 'rude' self......when the 18 year old girl called the house Sunday afternoon I explained that the son was grounded.  She said he told her he had permission which I promptly corrected that assuring her that he would not be given permission to disappear without us knowing his whereabouts for overnight.  And then I reminded her that she is a LEGAL ADULT and he is a MINOR.  She best not test it cuz I am not above filing statutory rape charges to make my point.

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 Jan 23, 2007 - 7:49 am

Title: Death of an Empire

The early morning hours seemed unusually quiet as Captain ZBop exited the bunker. Almost an eerie quiet to be exact. Pausing to look up into the universe it was noted that there was a lack of missile trails yet over to the far northwest a bright glow could be seen.  

In the control tower, ZBop read the ticker tape and instantly knew the origin of the glow.  Seems the Emperor of the IcePirates, Captain Spiff, had become so stressed with battle that he took his own life but not before pushing the self destruct button causing the mass majority of his subjects to parish. Realizing the depth of all those innocent citizens dying in a click of a button was staggering. With a deep sigh, ZBop thought of her own empire and the hard working colonist trying to better their lives and the power within her control to just push a button and they would exist no more.

The IcePirates reign of terror was notably over. Two members of that team remain but in all doubt they would be spending time reorganizing and trying to resecure safety before any further attacks might be expected. But never underestimate the enemy her grandfather had always told her over and over again. With that in mind she issued orders to recheck the defense line and send shuttles out to the far realms to inspect the interior backgates to verify there had been no intrusions by the enemy.

Captain Spiff had sent a spy probe into the empire yesterday and it was still unknown what intel had been collected or what might have been shared with IcePirate allies. Better to be safe then sorry Grandma had always told her and this was one of those times. Though the immediate threat seemed to have waned, there was more battles on the horizon and now was a good time to regroup and spend time securing.

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 Jan 9, 2007 - 7:06 am

Title: The Day of Birth

Captain ZBop groaned while climbing out of the bunker.  Slowly lifting one of the eight limbs at a time to see if aging to 50 zillion years today was going to show signs.  Yes, it must be admitted that the years were starting to take their toll on the warrior but strangely the mind never changes, never feeling older.  (Well except acknowledging the alzhiemers moment that caused the loss of remembering the gate to the sg sector sometimes)

Days of Birth seem to make creatures reminisent of days past. Loved ones that had long ago seen 50 zillion years plus more and now no longer walk this universe.  Happy times and sad times during those years, events that make you cry all over again just thinking about them to the instant smile while thinking of others. Remembering the lives of others that have touched yours and made you who you are.  And then wondering if during your lifetime if you have touched anyone else that will cause them to remember you during those reminisent moments.

Yes, today is my day of birth, thought ZBop.  Older yes!  Wiser, maybe. Ready to cry defeat.......................NEVER!

 Jan 6, 2007 - 8:06 am

Title: Another first....

Well might not be the first EVER but it is the first time I have seen this in the Main game since I have been playing.

1 3,162,277,660,170,000   Guts **   2/0 41 14 11 34 6 Neutral 4,539 95077500306 33,260 Jan 6, 2007 - 2:19am

This reporter overheard Captain Guts explaining this extrodinary turn of fortune
Guts  01/05/2007 23:39  
"The Fed gets a fre ride to SOL"

Guts  01/05/2007 23:46  
"WAHOOO 3.16 Quid... dang"

One spectator indentified as Captain Unowned exclaimed
"Wow Guts, impressive score. Or, WTF?"
I do not believe this reporter can think of any better way to put the reaction into words.

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 Jan 1, 2007 - 9:14 am

Title: Happy New Year!

Federation 01/01/2007 3:48  
Go to bed Spiff!

What a way to start the morning! I logged into the game, read the shouts and started laughing!  I do believe this might be a first! Never before have I seen the Federation tell someone to go to bed.  Hmmmm....if the Feds snoop in our sectors and now start giving us a curfew.....geeeze....almost as bad as having another set of parents *giggling*

Spiff did reply:
Spiff 01/01/2007 7:52  
U should 3:48am your place 10:48am here

 Dec 20, 2006 - 8:30 am

Title: Ending 12/20/06

Unless some extreme events take place in the next few hours, here are the ending scores:

  SCORE      PLAYER         TEAM        K/D      RANK

1 147,761,272  PhirePhly     DwElves          2/0      Good  
2 57,387,899   Sea_Biscuit   Commerce et libert?  22/1      Good  
3 56,198,999   Mas Tequila   One          3/1      Good  
4 55,095,324   Kwae Zar      DwElves          0/0      Neutral
5 49,572,705   Kayosoni      DwElves          2/2      Evil  
6 39,598,867   DS            CCC          0/2      Neutral
7 36,487,729   Ssocram      Commerce et libert?   1/8      Neutral  
8 35,973,541   Soren              0/1      Neutral
9 35,890,998   Riddick          Sleepless ones          1/0       Evil  
10 27,539,629  Lucky Starr   Oculus Sinister          0/5      Evil

DwElves   3  PhirePhly   252,429,301
Commerce et libert?   3  Ssocram   106,887,264
One   2  Mas Tequila            72,049,314
Sleepless ones   4  Riddick   65,762,694
Oculus Sinister   3  Lucky Starr            56,483,921

This was an awesome test run of the new .30 game code.  Surviving the numerous changes DURING the middle of the game proved trying for some of us but I guess that it will be worth it to see this new version released.

Sadly I can think of several players that made it to the top 10 yet didn't see the end of the game for various reasons.  Maddog, Spar7an, MasterOne (Satman), were fellow Dwelves that had to leave the game but were an awesome part of making our team victorious

And I must mention a few other players:
Sea_Biscuit aka are an amazing player as always...remind me never to play Monopoly against you

Mas Tequila aka are a scary guy.  JR from the show Dallas comes to mind when I think of you.....a guy you LOVE to HATE *giggling* (and you definately like to shoot excels!!)

Lucky Starr aka Lucky know how to be the bad guy and stir things up! And I guess gave me a focus point to hone my hunting skills

Kayosoni aka Big....a player that still makes me realize that I don't know SH*T about the game.  I think this was the nick you used in the...what?..third time joining the game?  And yet you always end up in the top.

Anyway....(my kids say I am too long winded) was fun.  See you all in a new game

 Dec 8, 2006 - 6:52 pm

Title: Lies and Propaganda..

I am only repeating these blog entries into my own blog so I won't forget the event...........

[Dec 4, 2006 - 10:04pm]  Posted By: Lucky Starr
Tonight, was great!!! I was sitting in my Hotel room typing a report and responding to emails, when I get an instant Message from Phirephyl; that she and Riddick were in the process of attacking my sectors and that I needed to hurry to catch Riddick in the act of attacking my planets.... WOOOO HOOOO I thought.... I checked the rankings and yes Riddick was a good Player (im Evil)!!!! I logged on immediately and warped to our hunt sector and there he was....having his way with my planet!!!!!!! Without hesitation I fired my Missle as PhirePhyle sent me as message: "did you catch him in time!!!!" My heart was pounding with excitement as I could answer: YES.... about 350,000,000 energy was on board, But I did not destroy his ship....darn. I wonder if 300 mill energy is enough to hurt?" I asked riddick and he said it was minimal damage.... Even if it was, I had a hoot..... Phirephly when, she puts her mind to smacking down the little guy is sooooo evil.... I just hold the rank of evil, but she is: Incarnate...

Thanks Phirephly, you made my night wonderful!!!!!!

[Dec 5, 2006 - 8:51pm] Lucky Starr: Of course I am a Liar.....
But only about the Phirephly part... the rest is true... I just thought it was grand that Riddick blamed her with the same amount of venom as I...... She didnt seem to happy about the mark of Evil on her reputation, so I rubbed salt in the wound... I would apologize, but I would do it again in a heart beat.... Im cruel and stupid that way....

Dec 8, 2006 - 6:48pm] PhirePhly: I started not to dignify this post with a reply but at least you posted a recant to my part in your evil game. I am a straight up player and you are right, I was NOT HAPPY with your lie to Riddick that I had some evil plan to entrap him.  

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 Dec 1, 2006 - 3:16 pm

Title: Defeated....

...not by another player but by the game itself.

I am a dedicated player that LOVES this game.  But now, unless I want to quit my job and spend all my time retrieving indy planets, the Indendent Empire is going to defeat me.  The new timestamp planet code might be a workable idea had it began at the beginning of a game and the max number of owned planets was a known fact but now in the middle/end of a game to have this change has developed into a nightmare. *  And if timestamping wasn't time consuming enough, I am also fighting having too many planets so my normal indy rate is HUGE! No longer does the game take into consideration that I am a good ruler and keep my planets with lots of resources and funds to make thier lives enjoyable. I am an American and believe in independence but this is like a UNIVERSAL REVOLT!

When I finish writing this I intend to return to the game and start destroying planets sector by sector.  Since I can't build. I am too big to attack anyone and too many planets leave my empire, the fun is gone.

 Nov 25, 2006 - 7:39 pm

Title: The new me?

Excerpt from LuckyStarr's blog:

"Nov 24, 2006 - 8:51pm Posted By: Lucky Starr

(After Re-reading Blog Entry apology: "You can read anger and Dismay into this Blog and the comments that Follow...But in reality there is no Anger; Dismay: yes...... I have to start  all Over with No Cash and No ship... My two Super Planets are the only things keeping me in the top Twenty. I sleep in Fed Space for the rest of the game Defeated)

Oh Well..... Dang how many times is PhirePhly going to make me start over from scratch? PhirePhly knows every one of my sectors. Today as I log off the Alliance Leader was in my sector... I took it as an Omen of bad things to come..... and less than 2 hours later I am Dead.....

My last Battle with PhirePhly, a few weeks ago, the Federations Battle Cruiser was in my sector AS I fought off their team...... I am now paranoid when I see The Federation and the Alliance Ships..... From now on, I am going to associate seeing the Federation and the Alliance Leader as an Omen of DOOM (PhirePhly)!!!!

I am not one to cry UNCLE, but I need to abandon everyone of my sectors and start over.... Phirephly is poised to destroy everything I own in AAT. It would seem strange to me to commit suicide, but that might be the way to go. then come back and start over in secret with a clean slate."

I learned something about myself yesterday.  Normally I consider myself a level-headed calm person who would rather have treaties then go to war.  Pacifist I think is the politically correct term.  But over the last few weeks I have had my patience tested and decided to play huntress instead of being my pacifist self.  So after Lucky Starr I went to make a point. At first he could hide behind a lower team mate so if I tried to hit the sd there it would have done MAJOR damage to my ship thus keeping me at bay.  But once the team mate got purge for non-activity Lucky Starr's rear (and front...hehehe) was bare!

Not sure why I play this game (though I am addicted like numerous others) cuz I really don't care for the battle part.  When my son plays Risk with me he always stomps me within a short time cuz I get this twing of guilt when I attack someone.  But I learned that I can actually get pissy and stalk a person and pursue his demise.  


 Sep 22, 2006 - 9:47 pm

Title: In a pout...

Warp move to next sector P0***** - Deducted 1 Turns and moved to P0*****

Warp move to next sector P1*****
Warp move to final sector R4*****. - Next warplink is missing in this sector. Warp move aborted.

1 (Sea_Biscuit) Attacking this player would result in The Federation placing a bounty on you.


Above is copied from the game.

Well I can't decide to pout or stomp my foot LOL

Today was a bit of a cat-n-mouse game with Sea_Biscuit.  I had been playing hunter and had left him a nice present of mines in the rs gate of his sg.  Didn't destroy his ship but I am sure I awoke him at his control panel

But my frustration arose when he then retaliated by taking sd from one of my smaller sg.  When I went to examine the damage and repair, I can't get in there and he only left 1 fighter.  Well, it says fighter but then again you aren't suppose to be able to drop fighters without a planet so maybe I saw it wrong.  

The safety bounty feature to keep higher players from attacking the sd of lower players is something I understand and do not totally disagree with but this is currently a method that will soon become abused to totally disable the higher players.  

 Aug 19, 2006 - 11:41 pm

Title: :(

Why is it that some ppl think that rules do not apply to them? And in the process of their breaking the rules or following normal  protocol, it causes the loss to others of the things we love?  

This applies to not only AAT games but life in general.  Come on folks!! Why ruin things for everyone?

(The following is the post found when I tried to log into Kitty Matrix tonight)

"Kitty Matrix/Aatrade game is dead... for now

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 8:08 pm    Post subject: Kitty Matrix/Aatrade game is dead... for now  


And possibly, potentially for good.

I got sick and tired of the idiots who have been hammering on that game the past 2 days, and overloading the server beyond belief.

It appears there were a certain few players in that game , who were doing *something* beyond what the game is supposed to allow, and overloading the server.

I got sick of it, so

chmod 000 /traders/

I may or may not decide to open the game back up, but for teh time being, Kitty Matrix/AATraders is dead as a doornail.

If players cannot behave and play the game right, I am not going to keep the game running. "

How freakin' sad. ***

 Aug 11, 2006 - 10:57 pm

Title: .30 Love/Hate Relationship

Logging in to the current .30 Main test game is an adventure all in it's own.  So far it isn't other players I have feared as much as my own 'unruly' planets.  It is almost like Russian roulette when trying to see where stored ships might be currently parked since my planet % that go indy is so large that my ships are always being booted off and parked somewhere new. LOL  I tend my planets well; upgrade when needed, leave high % of credits, and visit them often so I am a bit discouraged that even my nice planets that are over lvl 27 have a high independent rate.

I must say there are features in the new version that I dearly love and really notice them missing when I have logged into a .21 version.  One such feature is the Federation sectors all being around Sol.  Another lovely feature is the icon and highlights to the links.  

Keeping all ships and funds out for the grabbing definately has given a new spin to the game.  Since the attack code is still in the 'work in progress' stage, guess I will judge later whether this becomes a feature that I despise or find exciting.

Linking into the interior links of a sg has proved to my advantage and disadvantage.  In my humble opinion, this almost takes the security of the sg totally out of the game unless the gate is deep and not found anytime soon.  Otherwise when you have to defend EVERY sector, it almost seems like building in RS  and spread around is almost more advantagous since at least then you could utilize the energy scooped from building from a distance thus allowing the start of sd security as soon as you upgrade the planet.

I definately have decided the need for a super cargo ship is no longer needed.  If the planet limits are used to balance the game then once a few planets are growing nicely, there will be no need to build a 'building' ship.  Maintaining planets from your voy or excel works nicely; has decent hull, can scoop decent energy, and can drop sd as you go.  And if you are needing to recapture that wayward indy then you are ready to go without the thoughts of changing ships.  Since the ship you park in also helps boost the planetary defense then parking in your nice big ship is a definate plus in .30. (this took a bit of getting used to since that was a definate NO-NO in .21)

Out of character for me, I have played one game totally as an attacker.  I have only built a few secondary credit planets to increase my funds but have had to waste no turns getting those nice planets up and going (apology to those players whom I tested my learning attacker skills on).  At least playing this style of game has enlightened me why Big, Tarnus, Ak5intoe and A_Blitz have always teased me that they LOVE ME TO BUILD FOR THEM ~

Anyway, I will be anxious to see some of the future changes take place and see what paths the new changes will go.

 Jun 30, 2006 - 8:22 am

Title: Not the fighter, Not the fighter

  To think that Big's blog gave me false hope that I should attempt to be braver and develop my attacker skills hehehe  YIKES!! My poor voy took 32T worth of damage from my bumbling through this.

Currently the fighters must not need support energy to stay alive.  Maddog's old sectors I took while he was on our team STILL have f/m down in the sectors and even though he isn't on the team anymore they have not died off.  This has caused me not to be able to get past the sd to enter the sectors to upgrade my planets.  (Note to readers:  I took his planets at his request since he was leaving on military duty and wouldn't be playing)

Last night I decided to be brave and I cloaked into the sector past his sd.  Cloaking in only caused me to hit mines! woohoo, I thought!  There is three planets of mine and one LARGE indy.  My thoughts were to take out Maddog's sd, run and get my endy and a planet nova and then test my luck at trying to take down the large indy so I would have control of the sector and it would not be a war zone any longer.  The war zone now causes the inability to pull credits via the igb.

My ship had 7m fighters and there was 11m of Maddog's.  Hmmm, I thought.  Well, if I hit it twice and refill energy and fighters from my own planets, this shouldn't be too hard.  WRONG!  I hit it once and it took my 332 lvl fighter bay down to 164 lvl.  Also did damage to five other tech lvls.  And I only took out 4m of the fighters. *sigh*

Now I assume that with the new code and due to Maddog being a lower player, this is part of the reason I took so much damage.  (that am I am clueless about what I am doing)  But I am totally confused as to why his sd has not died yet.  If this is the new game code then I am going to get a low player to drop sd for me ALWAYS thus causing the larger players to take more damage on that then what they would trying to take mine out. hehehe

So much for my learning the skills of an attacker.  Thus I will go back in my hole and warm the seat of my cargo ship again ~

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 Nov 20, 2005 - 11:06 pm

Title: Federation mind games!

Interesting new feature in this version is planets going indy and KEEPING your ship that is parked there!  Of course I seem to always learn things the hard way and this fact was no exception. *sigh*  I left my home sector to go upgrade a smaller area and upon my return to trade ships so I could lay some additional sd, I found that my 'parking' planet had gone indy and my voyager was being held for ransom by the Federation....grrr.  What a delimma since my only other ship was an endeavor which by no means had the fighting power to overtake the planet that I had carefully built so 'others' couldn't capture it.  

There was nothing left to do except strip some of my credit planets, go purchase another voyager with upgrades large enough to tackle this task.  I could almost see the citizens of that planet sticking their tongues out at me and wiggling their fingers from their ears.  After numerous battles, I could hear them cry Uncle and they gave up their fight and returned to my dictatorship...hehehe   Now with two voyagers I have way too many fighting ships since I rarely go to battle.  So I changed the oil, checked for anti-freeze (just in case Tarnas and PJ have added some wierd feature that I have yet to discover) and hopefully found a loyal planet to park the extra until it might be needed again.

This just wasn't my day because shortly after this an aggressive team found it's way to create a 'backdoor' three sectors deep into my main sector.  I lost only a tiny planet for now but this other 'new feature' will most definately make me fret more.  I am still trying to decide if ppl can link to sg links then if there is really any necessity to even build them because you will have to defend each sector just as if it was real space.  Interesting, frustrating....and definately something I will need to study different stradegy maybe.

 Oct 18, 2005 - 10:03 pm

Title: New World 3.0

It's here and it's going to be absolutely awesome once all the bugs are fixed!  Not being able to set up trade routes has caused me to waste too many turns just exploring but maybe that isn't a bad thing.

I can tell my inexperience in 'startup' because I find myself doing pretty well and then take this BIG nosedive which then only kicks in my competive side to work myself back up no matter what it takes.

Once the attack mode is fixed I will not feel as safe flying around in real space but do to it currently not working, I have greatly enjoyed the freedom of bouncing around, sector to sector.  Seeing the light of day and not hidden deep inside some sg during the final parts of Main game has been fun!  

Everytime I play a game on the pc, whether it be AAT or other pc game, I am awestruck each and every time to think that this is all just symbols, letters and numbers all jumbled together to be read by some machine and then forms all the pictures and tasks we love to play.  How amazing!!! and how lucky are the ppl with the talents to make it happen.

Thanks to all of them for making my free time so much fun!!

 Oct 8, 2005 - 4:27 pm

Title: End of an Era

"That's all folks!"  and I SURVIVED!! woohooo!

Alien Assault Traders Fast
Game Ended
Oct 8, 2005 - 1:11am
Player Alias
Rank 5 of 48
Score: 234,980,677
Turns Used: 223,998
Rating: Evil
Kills: 1
Deaths: 4
Planet Captures: 294
Planets Lost: 323
Planets Built: 1,298
Avg Defense: 0
Total Online Time: 0d 0h 0m
Stealth's lost: 2
Endeavour's lost: 1

Besides my 'evil' rank, I am overall pleased with my survival.  And using the term 'survival' with a strong note because there are so many players much better then me.  

*Players with hunting skills that make you shake in your SG and fret each and every time you need to log off.

*Players with fighting skills so intense that when that random debris pops up in RS where you are trading, you about wet your pants.

*And those few that have that inflated ego of intimidating nature that sends those 'warnings' of doom. *shuddering*

*Not forgetting the builders that seem to be able to make credits out of a speck of dust let alone a level 30 planet.

Now is the end of one era of this game, version 2.1, and the beginning of the NEW ERA, version 3.0.  If rumors are correct then we all will be newbies again...hehehe So this should be rather interesting to say the least.

 Sep 21, 2005 - 10:57 pm

Title: What were they thinking!?

Well we are almost at the six day mark past the projected reset and the top 20 is a war zone.  So as I reviewed my spy list a thought crossed my mind......

WHY OH WHY would a wee little planet decide to go independent at a time like this!!!??? You would think they would be more loyal and want the protection of their Queen

Guess I will let them do their own battles then LOL

 Sep 20, 2005 - 12:20 am

Title: Friendships verse Game

Today was one of those days when I have asked myself "and I play this game for what reason?"  Does RL not have enough stressors that I need to play online something that only adds more? And then there is that question...."are we having fun yet??"  

Well, right at the moment I would have to say the answer is "NO!"  But it really isn't the game that has me down.  It is more the division, guess the better term would be "the pulling apart" of my loyalties.  Since I am a builder and not an attacker, I have always determined my 'enemies' by who attacks me first.  And players that I have teamed with for whatever reason, I have an unwaivering bond for and would not harm if it could be helped.  Call me stupid or gullible or not in the true game spirit.  Just me and who I am I guess.

But for the last couple of days I have found myself torn due to players I have loyalties to being on opposing sides.  It is like when you have two beloved children and they both want a bat to beat the other cuz they are mad.  Do you give them the bat?? And if you give ONE the bat, then would it not only be fair to give BOTH a bat?? The logical idea would be to take the bat away from both of them and spank them BOTH soundly!!  

As I sat quietly tonight in the game, I asked another player that has played this game far longer then I about what he/she thought.  And I probably should heed thier advice and lighten up, don't take it so serious, it is just a game.

So repeat after me......IT'S JUST A GAME, IT'S JUST A GAME, IT'S JUST A GAME!!
*taking bat and heading back to game*

 Sep 14, 2005 - 10:57 pm

Title: Making me smile..

I most definately hate when things are going to change.  I must be a creature of habit because knowing that the main game is on it's final countdown is driving me nuts!  So after doing what little I can think of to maximize my growth, I started cleaning out my message board.  There I found a number of messages that brought a smile upon my face once again.

During the first part of the game, and during my short-lived membership with the Wolff Dragoon team, I was under attack by The Carpenter's Union, Big Balls Team and who knows who else!!  Being the low man on the team I found I was the prime target to wreck havoc on to get back at our team leader, Craig.  

Buried in my hole and tending to my wee planets, I received and opened what I thought to be a message. GADS!! to my surprise, it was the System Alert telling me I was being attacked.  Now being the newbie I was, I flustered for prime seconds trying to decide what to do.  Do I run, do I hide.....decisions, decisions.

I quickly changed ships to my stealth thinking I could sneak out the unprotected sector I was working in and then I peeked through the link.  (like I said in earlier blog, Rampage taught me the theory of 'look before you leap');  At that moment I do believe that my heart exited my chest cavity and entered my throat because I could see two ships listed in the adjoining sector!! Under attack was an understatement!!!  DANG!!

Being a female....we never leave without our purse, ya know.....I grabbed the money from the closest planet, clicked device and ewd out of there.  Upon landing, I chose to leave my team and found a place to hide.  

Totally put out that all my hard work was being pilfered and destroyed, I sent a message to the player that I remembered seeing through that link.  

"Dear CrashnBurn:  It saddens me to see you destroy my lovely home.  May acid rain fall upon your ship"

His reply:

CrashnBurn 2005-06-29 19:37:46  

Captain of the Silencer

Subject RE: Satan

Lol well it cost me 104T to repair the acid rain  

hehehe *big smile*

 Sep 13, 2005 - 5:36 pm

Title: Learning...

Since the main game is to reset in two days, I have been sorta reminiscing about my learning adventures.  Though I feel I still have alot to learn there has been a great many players that have taught me along the way.   Some players did so by answering my many questions, while others it was more the 'hard knock' theory.

My very first game was a bad experience when I joined a team and then the teammates went nuts and captured my planets and destroyed them along with my ship.  And of course, that was before I had learned the lesson of 'sleep cheap' and so I lost my voyager.  (being new I had thought that my ship would help protect my planet while I was offline...ekkk!! what a mistake) So my first lesson was a negative one and made me very wary of other players/team.  

My second attempt to this game was rather short lived also.  I thought I was doing well.  It was a small game with only about 10 players.  Then along came Rampage.  He taught me the notion of 'look before you leap'.  He had seen my ship warping to and fro from an upgrade port, filling my planet with ppl.  Little squirt dumped a pile of mines there and upon my return I landed on his mines and destroyed my ship.  I still do not let him forget the lesson he taught me each and EVERY time our paths cross. hehehe

I then joined the Main game and thought I was getting along pretty well but due to game issues, the game reset shortly after my start so I will never actually know.  Probably not since I am writing this much later and find how much I have learned since then.

Alf's Draft Tourney was probably my first TRUE learning place.  Ak5intoe was our team captain.  And besides feeling my knees shake as he guided me along with our snowball theory, I found myself a hole to hide in and started building.  Blessed with several good teammates, we did an awesome job with the tourney!  I made a few friendships that have carried over into the current main game.   But the experience of the tourney helped cure the hurt of my first 'team' experience and I started to trust other players again.  Of course I am gullible and have found a few times that trust has been mislaid but overall I am pleased with my alliances.

So, here I am.....two days until the end of the Main game and least at the moment in 5th place.  I have met some awesome players in this game!!  I only dream that my skills will increase with time to match some of theirs.   Gabriel II is a builder of builders!  (I have warned him that I intend to give him a run for his money soon LOL)  Ak5intoe, Blackbeard, Persephone, Crashnburn, Craig, SacoGrande, Romanko and Sesshoumaru continue to amaze me with their fighting and attacking skills.  I have been lucky not to have been on the receiving end of that often thank goodness.  

A special thanks to Craig. We had played on the same team during the Draft tourney and he pestered me to join forces with him and LuckyStarr.  I did and I learned alot about building!! He was an awesome teammate and although I had to jump from the team for survival sake I will always be beholden to him for teaching me so much.

After leaving Wolff Dragoon team, Shag sent me an invite and I have to say Shag and I are probably more suited as teammates.  Both more builders then attackers.  He is a great guy and I have truely enjoyed teaming with him.  

Sooooo....guess for now we will see how the end of the game pans out and who takes out who in the mayhem of the finish.   My only regret is MY RANK IS EVIL!!!  I never considered myself as evil before...ROFL  Guess I need to fix this.